Nutrazen Cream for Oily and Problematic Skin SPF-15

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Nutrazen Cream – 50ml

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The cream is absorbed efficiently due to its delicate texture, penetrating the deeper layers of the skin and moisturizing it from the inside. Has a bactericidal and a calming effect, neutralizes free radicals, prevents photo-ageing, assists in fluid levels restoration in the epidermis, raises the protective abilities of the skin. It exerts a softening, moisturizing and bactericidal action, making the skin smooth and soft, and ensures preservation of cosmetic agents.

Ingredients: squalene, Vitamins A and B3, Ascorbic acid, Allantoin, Bisabolol.

Instructions for use: in the morning, apply a small amount of cream onto cleansed skin, until fully absorbed. The cream may serve an excellent foundation for make-up.


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