Full Deep Cleansing Facial Starter Kit

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Full Deep Cleansing Facial Starter Kit includes:

1 x Cleansing Gel Oxygen for normal and dry skin 200ml (See here)

1 x Cleansing Gel DM for oily and problematic skin 200ml (See here)

1 x Toner 250ml (See here)

1 x Parsley Peeling 250ml (See here)

1 x Vitamin C Powder 50ml (See here)

1 x Hydration Gel DM 250ml (See here)

1 x Massage cream 250ml (See here)

1 x Serum Lilly 100ml (See here)

1 x Treatment Mask For Problematic Skin (Clay) 250ml (See here)

1 x PSmed Mask 250ml (See here)

1 x Cream for dry skin NR 250ml (See here)

1 x Nourishing skin mask 250ml (See here)

1 x Day Cream Oil-Free DM 250ml (See here)


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