Extra Calming Mask

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Extra Calming Mask – 250ml

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Gentle extra calming mask for intensive care of skin with manifestations of rosacea, as well as for very sensitive skin of any age. Extracts of chamamelis, chamomile, mallow, plantain, aloe, camellia, calendula effectively soothe the skin, reduce redness immediately after application. One of the main active ingredients is the bioflavonoid tiliroside, part of a huge group of plant metabolites. Tilyroside reduces visible redness (capillary visibility), reduces levels of other harmful substances – such as TNF-alpha and interleukin-12 – associated with inflammation. Its ability to inhibit the release of histamine makes tiliroside a powerful cosmetic ingredient for all highly reactive skin types. Horse chestnut extract has an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect, improves microcirculation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and activates the excretion of fluid from the subcutaneous tissue. Immortelle relieves inflammation.

Relieves itching, redness, flaking. Helpful for relieving pain and redness from sunburn. Troxerutin has a venotonic, angioprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-oedema and antioxidant effect. Cypress oil, being an antihistamine (relieves itching, urticaria), is effectively used to improve the condition of rosacea. A set of oils (jojoba, borage, grape seed, linseed, shea, eucalyptus, lavender, sea buckthorn) intensively moisturizes, softens, soothes the skin, improves its appearance, fights against the first signs of photo and chrono-aging, restores the hydro-lipid barrier.

Ingredients: chamamelis, chamomile, mallow, plantain, green tea, calendula, horse chestnut, oils: olive, almond, sesame, jojoba, borage, grape seed, flaxseed, Shea, eucalyptus, lavender, cypress, sea buckthorn, vitamin E, immortelle, chamomile, urea, aloe vera gel, tilyroside, lecithin, glycerin, troxerutin, sorbitol, vitamin C, citric acid, sunscreen filter complex.

Application: Can be used as part of in-salon treatment.


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