Alginate Mask Moisturizing

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Alginate Mask Moisturizing – 1000ml


The most important feature of alginate masks is their ability to enhance the action and increase the intake of active substances from the serum applied under the alginate mask to the deep layers of the skin. Therefore, the choice of serum for a particular purpose will largely determine the end result of the procedure, for example, moisturizing serum or anti-wrinkle serum, respectively increases the effectiveness of the wetting or lifting procedure with the application of the alginate mask. Alginate masks can be the ultimate step in such procedures as mesotherapy, photo rejuvenation, and others aimed at removing irritation to the skin.

They also have good draining properties, accelerate wound cleansing, greatly reduce swelling. They provide moisturizing, skin-tightness, blood-improving effect, smoothen the wrinkles, cool and refresh skin, have a lifting effect, anti-inflammatory action, shrink pores, improve blood circulation, increase oxygen intake. They help resolving stale spots of acne and pimples, drainage (improves blood and lymph flow), improve facial skin, and provide good protection against premature aging of the skin.

Ingredients: Sodium alginate, magnesium aluminosilicate, sodium pyrophosphate tetrachloride, mannan, zinc oxide, growth. extracts.

Instructions for use: Mix the powder in a ratio of 1 part of the mask with 2-3 parts of water or milk.
It is applied to the skin of the face, including the area around the eyes. Allow setting for 15-20 minutes.

Do not apply the mask on eyelash extensions.


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